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The results have produced a coalition to govern Fiji for the next 4 years.

Sitiveni Rabuka's return to the Prime Ministers role after 16 years, is good news for New Zealand and Australia.

Under Frank Bainimarama, Fiji moved toward China's orbit, but some CCP projects in Fiji remain in limbo and were of little help in turning around the increasing poverty that has blossomed in Fiji in recent years.

PEN will start a process of trying to open doors in Fiji to NZ exporters in coming months.

First up will be a Zoom session probably in March/April 2022, to update exporters on the state of Fiji business and advise on how NZ exporters might re engage, given the economic uncertainty via Covid and loss of currency flows of past years. We will also look at organising a trade visit there mid year, if there is sufficient interest .


Fiji - Change of Government

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