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The ongoing political drama that is New Caledonia enters another chapter.

We note a recent news item that France is inviting the UN decolonisation committee to visit New Caledonia as a follow up to the third rejection of independence from France last December.

The previous two referendums have been increasingly close, but the third one in December 2021 was skewed in Frances favour by pro independence groups boycotting the ballot due to Covid pandemic issues that unduly affected the Kanak people of New Caledonia.

It now seems that France is of an opinion that it has an overwhelming mandate to now incorporate New Caledonia within France.

This seems a very strange decision, as it can be easily seen that until a fair election involving all eligible voters what is proposed is hardly credible.

What the UN Committee will do is anyone's guess, but we note that the pro independence groups want the referendum to be held after the Presidential election in France later this year.

From New Zealand exporters perspective, the sooner France realises that New Caledonia is a part of the Pacific and not  part of metropolitan France the better.

We certainly wish to see the discriminatory tariffs that are imposed on NZ exporters to New Caledonia disappear quickly.

Lets hope for progress in 2022.

New Caledonis - Another Referendum?

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