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Overview: for Pacific Exporter’s Network as at 18 September 2013

The Play

To misquote somebody who was once quite famous:

The Pacific is but a stage

And all of the Nations are but players

The Pacific Island Nations are not the Principle Actors, but they are the supporting cast.

The Principle Actors are:

Australia - that thinks it owns the Western Pacific;

America - that thinks it owns the rest (apart from the bits that are French);

France - that thinks it is still a Colonial Power; and

New Zealand - stuck down the bottom with an occasional walk-on part.

Making Guest appearances are:

China – that always enters from stage left;

Great Britain – that believes it should have more lines; and

Russia – that is understudying to take the lead role at a moments notice.


The action is impromptu and unscripted. Power plays are constantly being worked out between all of the players and supporting cast.

Fiji, a local youth, with a military bent, does something advant-garde that surprises, and therefore challenges, the Principle Actors. Australia takes a dim view of this, and sends Fiji to its room, and then refuses to talk to it.

But Fiji doesn’t care, and phones up its mates, China and Russia, and invites them round for a party.

This upsets America who starts driving the 7th Fleet around the neighbourhood, with the boombox on full volume; and building new bases anywhere it can.

In the meantime, Australia is still out to lunch and New Zealand is trying to be nice to everybody, and noticing that there are a lot of opportunities for trade, in an uncertain environment.

The members of the supporting cast are also not slow in seeing the opportunities for trade, and start talking to New Zealand, who is still trying to be nice to everyone.

Australia and America get together for a serious conversation between grown ups, and decide that China is the troublemaker, and has lead Fiji astray. They also notice that, as early as 2005, China was sniffing around the Pacific, and taking sneak looks at other countries mineral deposits.

In the mean time, New Zealand is being extremely nice to everybody.

And is successfully trading, as fast as it can go.

The Real Story?

It is all about mineral resources, maritime resources, and votes at the UN.

Oh, and trying to be nice to everybody, and making a buck or two.

Each trader sees and hears things that, individually, may seem insignificant, but collectively may prove to be very significant for themselves or for others. Individual traders need to learn about changes and opportunities that are directly relevant to them.

To use an old phrase, “What goes around, comes around”, but more enhanced.

Extrinsic’s Role

We have the tools and experience required to receive, and combine, and analyse, and assess, large quantities of seemingly unrelated information, and then tailor the results to match the strategic needs of P.E.N., and the specific needs of traders in each particular market. 

Just think, we might be able to find you a hot opportunity that you knew nothing about. In the nicest possible way, of course.

The Pacific is but a stage. And all of the Nations are but players

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