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On 2 August we held an event in Wellington which attracted 20 members and supporters.

Our guest speaker was Georgina Roberts, Director of Pacific Connections at MFAT in Auckland.

Georgina spoke about the work she does in Auckland to connect MFAT to the many interested Pacific groups in the region.

She also spoke about the additional funds made available to MFAT in the May budget. MFAT proposes to take a wide view of how these funds will be allocated. It was still early days in making those decisions, but an holistic approach embracing areas like environment, climate change, iwi and spirtuality was the favoured theme.

A robust Q&A session followed Georgina's presentation. This lasted 30 minutes and attendees had the benefit of Georgina's experience and closeness to what was happening to draw upon.

Georgina's presentation gave PEN members a useful insight about how as exporters they might fare in what MFAT was proposing in the future.

There is likely to be further follow up meetings with Georgina and her colleagues on what they are planning in the future.

It is PEN's hope that NZ's Pacific exporters will feature prominently in what activities result from these extra aid funds.

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