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Time line to deliver a World Bank Project


We are often told that development projects in the Pacific region are doing wonders for the Pacific countries lucky enough to get one.

Given that NZ Aid is now funded to around an annual  $1 billion level, we wonder how long it takes to get a project up and running and producing benefits to donee countries.

We note that Ajay Banga - World Bank President, recently revealed how long it takes that institution to deliver a development project.

On average it takes 27 months to approve a project and a further decade to turn it into reality.

Banga says the institution needs to become "better" before asking shareholders to make it "bigger", by becoming faster and more efficient, while also learning how to replicate schemes proven to work. He also stressed the need to be judged on outputs and not inputs.

Lessons there for NZ Aid efforts which seem to be rarely publicised  or explained.

Time for some changes at all institutions and Governments in the offshore development space we think.

Time line to deliver a World Bank Project

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