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Meeting with Aloma Johansson – President Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Visiting Prime Ministers Fellow

21 Network members met Aloma Johansson at The Bolton Hotel Wellington on 20 May.

Ms Johansson was visiting Wellington as a Pacific recipient of a Prime Ministers Fellowship.

As she is also President of the Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Industry it was considered approprate that she met with our Network members.

A roundtable discussion took place allowing for a free flow of views on how to improve Network members business relationships with the Tongan Government and Tongan businesses.

Following the event, many members expressed a view that this meeting was most useful in helping them gain a better understanding of Tonga and its business community.

Our Network thanks the Visits and Ceremonial Office of the Department of Internal Affairs for arranging this event.

PEN Event 20 May 2014

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